Winterfell Unveiled? My Theories on the Secrets of The Crypts of Winterfell

Coming in late August 2016 ….. a lengthy post on the crypts of Winterfell and a secret in them that no one has come out with yet … just working on two other theories connected to this one, hence the delay in posting, almost done  …. coming very very soon

After I have posted all my theories, I will then post regarding where I believe GRRM is drawing certain aspects of his story from, specifically the crypts of Winterfell, Jon Snow, Daenerys and the dragons. 

We know GRRM draws heavily from history, however I have not yet found anyone discussing the angle I believe I have uncovered.

Of course I could be way off …. or I could be way too dam close to the ASOIAF truth.

I will let you decide for yourself.

Either way, tt’s gonna be a trip 🙂

-Ava Monroe







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