My Theory: Azor Ahai & The Prince That Was Promised Prophecy Decoded: 2 People, 2 Swords = 1 Person, 1 Sword

My Theory: Azor Ahai & The Prince That Was Promised Prophecy Decoded

(2 People) + Dawn, Lightbringer (2 Swords) = 1 Person, 1 Sword

Duality merges and Becomes One

What Rises in The West & Sets in the East – Daenerys, The Dragons, The Prince That Was Promised, The Prophecy and Her Role as The Blood of The Dragon in the Battle for the Dawn.

My Theory: Azor Ahai, TPTWP (2 People) + Dawn, Lightbringer (Two Swords) = 1 Person, 1 Sword.

Duality merges and Becomes One.

What Rises in The West & Sets in the East – Daenerys, The Dragons, The Prince That Was Promised, The Prophecy and Her Role as The Blood of The Dragon in the Battle for the Dawn.

Azor Ahai is the Warrior we know as Jon Snow. The Prince That Was Promised is Daenerys Targaryen, and she will become the sword Lightbringer. This post is packed with evidence to back up my belief, I hope you enjoy the read.

Azor Ahai

  • Jon Snow – the great warrior who will face the darkness in the Battle for Dawn. Jon is the one who will wield the sword Lightbringer


The Prince That Was Promised Part 1

  • Daenerys, who is on the side of ‘light’ side in terms of the ASOIAF story – but as the ‘dark’ side of the good.


The Prince That Was Promised Part 2

  • Dawn/Lightbringer: Dawn, the Greatsword of House Dayne, also happens to have a duality aspect as well – pale as ‘milkglass’ at present, soon to be glowing fiery red as it transitions into Lightbringer, which ties into Daenerys (literally)

This all sounds a little crazy right about now perhaps but I believe this is supported by the books and so I have included extensive details and quotes below, and you can decide if I have lost my mind in ASOIAF obsession, or if I am onto something … or both

Daenerys is the other half to the balance of Jon:

  • Jon Snow is surrounded by all things white (representing purity) and White – the color of Jon Snow, of Jon’s direwolf Ghost, of Snow itself (the white cold fluffy stuff), of the Wall and all that ice and snow surrounding Castle Black, the North and beyond.
  • Daenerys Targaryen is surrounded by all things red and black – red represents martyrdom, blood, flames. Black represents sin or contamination.

I believe Jon and Daenerys are two sides of the same coin required to unite in order to fight the Great Other. They are 2 that become 1 via the sword Dawn, a dual-aspect sword, which will transition into Lightbringer. Jon and Daenerys together create the balance needed: The Light and the Dark of the Good.

Daenerys will need to die, before the Battle for the Dawn, in order for Jon to have what is required to move forward and successfully fight the Others.

Dawn, the Ancestral Greatsword of House Dayne, forged from the heart of a fallen star, is one of the many mysterious aspects in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and one we do not immediately associate Dawn with Daenerys.

Dawn is heavily connected to Daenerys Targaryen, the Blood of the Dragon, through prophecy and events soon to unfold in the Great War to Come. Here is why…..

Dawn. The name alone made it almost feel too obvious at first, however, in classic GRRM-style, there are many levels to this sword and the word play and mental association trickery he employs is genius. Where to begin? Ah yes, the description of Dawn, indicates much and more as it unabashedly announces what a glorious and beautiful blade it is, like no other in Westeros, stronger than Valyrian steel, and a brilliant bright white.

Dawn, the Greatsword with a blade ‘pale as milkglass, alive with light’:

  • “And now it begins,” said Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. He unsheathed Dawn and held it with both hands. The blade was pale as milkglass, alive with light. – A Game of Thrones, Eddard X

Dawn is ‘alive with light’ because it brings the ligh, just like dawn does every morning. But that is only the tip of the prophecy iceberg. Dawn is certainly otherworldly, as the blade itself was forged from the heart of a fallen star:

  • “The finest knight I ever saw was Ser Arthur Dayne, who fought with a blade called Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star. They called him the Sword of the Morning, and he would have killed me but for Howland Reed.” Father had gotten sad then, and he would say no more. Bran wished he had asked him what he meant. – A Clash of Kings, Bran III

The Sword of the Morning is significant and important enough to warrant its name immortalized as that of a constellation, one which hangs in the Southern end of the sky above Westeros.

  • “The Sword of the Morning still hung in the south, the bright white star in its hilt blazing like a diamond in the dawn,….” – A Storm of Swords, Jon IV

Breaking this one sentence down reveals an epic amount of detail, the full implications of which do not initially jump out:

  • The Sword of the Morning – Dawn, the beginning of a new day
  • still hung in the south – a southern constellation, House Dayne is a southern House
  • the bright white star – brightest white stars in the sky is the morning star, a term used for the planet Venus who shines brighter than most stars in the sky; ‘pale as milkglass’
  • in its hilts blazing like a diamond – diamonds are beautiful and are said shine and sparkle brilliantly
  • in the dawn – dawn is the time of day when light returns to the world, and is the time when the morning star is visible, appearing in the sky roughly an hour before the sun pokes his head up

Stars are associated as being ‘cold’ in A Song of Ice and Fire:

  • “What color are their eyes?” he asked her.
  • “Blue. As bright as blue stars, and as cold.” – A Clash of Kings – Jon III

Fallen stars are associated with heat, specifically with fire:

  • Wherever she looked, she saw fires. They covered the earth like fallen stars, and like the stars there was no end to them. – A Clash of Kings – Catelyn II


There are also 2 aspects of East and 2 aspects of West of Daenerys which fit the prophecy beautifully:


  • “When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east,” said Mirri Maz Duur. “When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before.”- A Game of Thrones, Daenerys IX

West Aspect 1) Our sun sets in the west – as the Morning Star RISES IN THE WEST, visible in the hour after sunset. Here Jon sees the Sword of the Morning, the Morning Star, in the western sky proving it acts the same in Westeros as it does in real life here as well:

  • “So many stars, he thought as he trudged up the slope through pines and firs and ash. Maester Luwin had taught him his stars as a boy in Winterfell; he had learned the names of the twelve houses of heaven and the rulers of each; he could find the seven wanderers sacred to the Faith; he was old friends with the Ice Dragon, the Shadowcat, the Moonmaid, and the Sword of the Morning.” – A Storm of Swords, Jon III

West Aspect 2) Daenerys was born in the West on Dragonstone, therefore it could also be said she rises in the West in the sense of her birth.

There is another name for the Morning Star – Day Star – as in DAY-nerys. Also, the sun is technically a really big star

East Aspect 1) Our sun rises in the east – as the Morning Star SETS IN THE EAST, visible in the hour before sunrise. The Morning Star literally signals the coming of dawn, the start of a new day, the light of the morning. The Shining One. Dawn-bringer. The Bringer of Light. In this quote, Jon sees The Sword of The Morning, The Morning Star, in the eastern sky proving it acts the same in Westeros as it does in real life:

  • “Jon took a breath of the crisp morning air and allowed himself to hope. The eastern sky was pink near the horizon and pale grey higher up. The Sword of the Morning still hung in the south, the bright white star in its hilt blazing like a diamond in the dawn, but the blacks and greys of the darkling forest were turning once again to greens and golds, reds and russets.” – A Storm of Swords, Jon IV

East Aspect 2) Daenerys settled in the East after leaving the West, and went deep into tthe Eastern world when she married Khal Drogo and relocated to the Dothraki Sea, becoming Khaleesi the Unburnt, and made her way further east, conquering and settling in Mereen.

Adding the following to the above:

  • The Morning Star – rising in the west and setting in the east.
  • Sword of the Morning (constellation)- contains the Morning Star.
  • Sword of the Morning (title) – held by a ‘true’ Knight of exceptional skill and integrity; the one who wields the Greatsword of House Dayne, Lightbringer
  • Sword of the Evening (title) – a title that once existed centuries ago, a duality of the current title, the last Sword of the Evening was King Vorian Dayne (the last king of House Dayne).
  • The Morning Star – also known as the Evening Star
  • Duality runs deep – No wonder it takes 5 years to write a book lol.

Now both the prophecy, and Daenerys involvement in it, become more clear. If you are a huge Daenerys fan, turn back now. Seriously. Final warning, cause this is as good as it gets for Daenerys, from here on in she is going down in a blaze of glory …. literally ….. much like a fallen star.

  • “Dragons,” she said, lifting her head and sniffing. She was near blind and could not see the comet, yet she claimed she could smell it. “It be dragons, boy,” she insisted. – A Clash of Kings, Bran I


That Old Nan, she sure knows her stuff – one of the wisest in all of Westeros. Daenerys ‘Mother of Dragons’ Targaryen, blood of the dragon, she is The Dragon, the dragon of prophecy. The three fire breathing ones are the red herrings. Here are a wack of further facts to support my theory: Daenerys the Dragon, the fallen star:

  • South: Targaryens are from the South, so it makes sense for a Morning Star to be associated with a constellation and a sword which are both based in the Southern end of Westeros.
  • Goddess of the Dawn: In Greek mythology, the Morning Star (Venus) is the Goddess of Dawn
  • In the Book of Revelation the Morning Star is called The Dragon, but in 2 Peter, the Morning Star is Jesus (duality)
  • ‘Lord of Air’: is another term used, which also fits Daenerys as she rides on the back of a flying dragon (air) and as Maester Aemon states “Dragons are neither male nor female … as changeable as flame” which allows the ‘Lord’ title; also indicates a ‘light’ aspect
  • Lucifer: The Latin name for the morning star or light-bearer is ‘lucifer, the shining-one
  • Moon: in Latin, the word ‘lucifer’ is used in reference to the moon, a female association; the moon also has a light side and a dark side (duality)
  • Conqueror: In various religious texts, Lucifer is referenced as one who overthrows cities,
  • Prophetic Visions: Lucifer, the bringer of light, (not Satan) is associated with having visions, is very intelligent and struggles with trying to find a balance for humanity

This is not to suggest Daenerys is Satan, she is not. She represents liberation, and she is a necessary ingredient in the quest for balance. Duality.


Daenerys is the Material Girl …. the ‘Martyr Material’ Girl.

  • “No one ever looked for a girl,” he said. “It was a prince that was promised, not a princess. Rhaegar, I thought . . . the smoke was from the fire that devoured Summerhall on the day of his birth, the salt from the tears shed for those who died. He shared my belief when he was young, but later he became persuaded that it was his own son who fulfilled the prophecy, for a comet had been seen above King’s Landing on the night Aegon was conceived, and Rhaegar was certain the bleeding star had to be a comet. What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise! The error crept in from the translation. Dragons are neither male nor female, Barth saw the truth of that, but now one and now the other, as changeable as flame. The language misled us all for a thousand years. Daenerys is the one, born amidst salt and smoke. The dragons prove it.” – A Feast For Crows, Samwell IV


Since GRRM loves drawing from history ….. The Caanite people had a Morning Star in their religious belief system. The Caanites are ancestors of the Phoenicians, the Greek word for Phoenician is directly associated with the colors:

  • purple – a common eye color amongst Targaryens and Daynes
  • and crimson, or blood red – the Targaryen shield contains a red dragon with three heads on a black shield. Blood and flames and sunsets are other common Targaryen traits

In Greek mythology, the planet Venus is called The Morning Star. It is said the Morning Star shines brighter and is the most beautiful of all the planets/Goddesses. It was her vanity, her pride, her desire to be revered as God-like, and placed above all others, which proved to be her undoing. As punishment from the Gods, the Morning Star was never able to rise as high in the sky as Saturn or Jupiter. She was prevented from attaining the level of greatness she thirsted for. Daenerys is much like Venus The Morning Star, she too is a shining beauty who aspires to climb higher than all others, a fact she announces constantly as Missandei recites her litany of titles.

Daenerys is not just the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys IS the Dragon, The Morning Star, the fallen star, the Lightbringer, who is both Daenerys and humanity’s hope for salvation.

Her three dragons are the red herring to distract us from seeing the truth of Daenerys being the Dragon who saves man, through her self-sacrifice.

Summarizing the main points of the traits of Lightbringer that support the sword is Daenerys destiny, Lightbringer is said to be:

  • the glowing red sword in the prophecy – what glows and is red is also something that is fiercely hot, flaming hot, and what is hotter than the blood of a dragon, the heart of a dragon perhaps
  • the color of blood and flame and sunsets – various terms for things which are ‘red’ in color, these terms are alos used frequently to describe dragon flames
  • the sword which will play a crucial role in darkness fleeing – Lightbringer is as important in the prophecy as the warrior who wields it, together there exists the chance of victory against the darkness, the return of light to the world, the return of Dawn, the Morning Light
  • Dawn (Lightbringer) is the symbol for Day Light and DAY-nerys – DAE-nerys: Dae means goddess and Nerys means noble woman or white lady. Daenerys is the white blonde haired lady of noble birth and bloodline, the white of her hair also symbolizing her connection to the white sword Dawn which is pale as milkglass.
  • DAY-nerys, Day Light, the bringer of light, which literally is the Dawn and is associated with the Day Star, the Morning Star.

Stannis Baratheon’s banner was changed once Melisandre came on the scene – with the addition a fiery heart and flames, which carries even more weight and significance than being associated with Melisandre and The Lord of Light. We now see how this represents Daenerys fate:


  • “In ancient books of Asshai it is written that there will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.” She lifted her voice, so it carried out over the gathered host. “Azor Ahai, beloved of R’hllor! The Warrior of Light, the Son of Fire! Come forth, your sword awaits you! Come forth and take it into your hand!” – A Clash of Kings, Davos I


This next quote is from the birthing of Daenerys dragons from stone during Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre.


  • “And then there came a second crack, loud and sharp as thunder, and the smoke stirred and whirled around her and the pyre shifted, the logs exploding as the fire touched their secret hearts.” – Daenerys X, A Game of Thrones


Beautiful GRRM foreshadowing of the secret of Daenerys heart, right there for all of us to see, hiding in the very first book lol – I love it.


There is a story in Yi Ti in which a great warrior bearing the sword Lightbringer was able to fight off the darkness – in order to make the sword effective he had to plunge it into the heart of his wife Nissa Nissa.

Nissa Nissa means ‘the beginning’, or ‘a remembered loved one’.

  • Daenerys self-sacrifice will mark the beginning of a new era in Westeros
  • She will be remembered and loved by many who knew her, and many who did not, as a martyrfor freedom and liberation of mankind from darkness
  • Daenerys the Morning Star, the fallen star who falls (dies), via sword through the heart, who has the dragon blood heart required to create Lightbringer out of Dawn, the sword forged from the ‘heart of a fallen star’

Daenerys heart is the ‘secret heart’, the heart of the dragon, the heart of fire, the blood of the dragon, fire and blood, the fire from which Dawn will be plunged into and pulled out of, as the Ancestral Sword of House Dayne transitions into a glowing red blade, ‘the color of blood and flame and sunsets’, as hot as a falling star. As hot as dragons breath. As hot as dragons blood.

Jon, Azor Ahai, is the flip side, the other half of the coin required to create the balance needed to fight the Great Other. Jon will not die at the end of the series, not in the books at least. He will live … but there is more to that story … for another day …

Daenerys will achieve the greatness she knew was her destiny – upon her death, as a martyr.


I also believe the Three Heads of Dragon are not actually referring to the literal fire breathing dragons, or to who is riding them …… Ava Monroe’s answer to What does a three headed dragon symbolize?


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