Can Bran Stark Alter the Past? Absolutely

I believe Bran can and will alter the past.

I believe Bran will interfere with the timeline in some way, beyond merely observing and remembering past events. We have already seen Bran communicating information to past figures, physically interacting with them, and soon we will witness Bran altering not only the fates of his immediate family members, but the fates and lives of all in Westeros.

Here are reasons to support my theory….

Bran is a much stronger greenseer than Bloodraven and quite possibly the most powerful greenseer to exist in Westeros history.

I do not believe Bloodraven can alter the past and I get the impression he has tried many times.

Bloodraven has commented before that he has tried to make contact with people from his past, that he wanted to be able to so many times, but has never succeeded.

Questions I have to ponder:

  1. Does Bloodraven know Bran can alter the past and is trying to keep Bran from discovering his ability to do so?
  2. Is Bloodraven hoping to stall Bran so that he doesn’t figure out he can alter the past until he is fully trained?
  3. Or perhaps Bloodraven truly believes the past cannot be altered by anyone?


I’m sold on possibility 2.

  • We see in the books Bran as a weirwood tree able to ‘touch’ Jon while Jon was warged in Ghost – that’s quite the skill.
  • Bran as the weirwood tree called out Jon’s name and Jon/Ghost heard him. Bloodraven insists Jon/Ghost could not have heard him, but maybe Bloodraven honestly believes such a thing is not possible.
  • In another example, Bran sees his father in front of a weirwood tree and calls out to him, Ned hears something, the wind whispering to him? Nope. It was Bran in the weirwood tree.
  • Then in S6E3 we see the ToJ scene in which Bran calls out “father” and a young Ned (15-16 yrs old) stops, turns around and searches for the source. He very clearly heard Bran. Bloodraven insists Ned heard only the wind. At that point though Bloodraven would have seen first hand that Ned heard Bran …. so why does he not acknowledge this?

At that moment Bloodraven has a concerned look upon his face and quickly pulls Bran back to present and out of the glimpse of the past. Bran is furious and upset.

Bloodraven insists he can’t stay too long there or “he won’t come back”.

That’s an interesting comment.

 What I’m left wondering is whether Bloodraven is intentionally lying to Bran about the possibility of Bran being heard, or is Bloodraven truly convinced it isn’t possible? Based on comments in the books and show, I believe we are meant to deduce Bloodraven is lying and is fully aware Bran can be heard.

 GRRM is known to draw from Shakespeare. Bloodraven is very insistent in attempting to convince Bran the past can not be changed ….

Bloodraven doth protest too much, methinks


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