Is it possible that the White Walkers are allied with Euron Greyjoy?

My answer to Is it possible that the White Walkers are allied with Euron Greyjoy?

Answer by Ava Monroe:

“Your Drowned God is a demon,” the black priest Moqorro said afterward. “He is no more than a thrall of the Other, the dark God whose name must not be spoken.” – A Dance With Dragons, Victarion

A quick comparison of traits between the Drowned God, the White Walkers, and Euron Greyjoy shows striking similarities which implies they are connected to each other.

Drowned God (Water)

  • “What is Dead May Never Die but Rises Harder, Stronger”
  • Followers of the Drowned God are drowned, until they have fully stopped breathing and the lungs have filled with water, dragged to shore and left as is. No CPR given. If the Drowned God sees fit, the drowned man who has technically died will spontaneously come back to life, rising harder, stronger.

The Drowned God (Art: Cthulhu by


White Walkers (Water in Ice form)

  • ‘Dead’ things that don't die but instead sleep for thousands of years and rise harder, stronger
  • Beings which possess a ‘dead’ appearance due to the skinless, decomposing skeletal look they are rockin’
  • White Walkers are repetedly described as having pale flesh and bright blue eyes, two features which Euron is also described to have
  • Coloring includes a mix of white, pale and light blue, or bright pale blue.
  • White is the color of purity, the color of ice and is a great red herring element – a ‘good’ association placed on a ‘bad’ thing to make us question its true nature
  • The blue tint or sheen on the White Walkers white icy bodies is a subtle hint at their true nature, which is ‘dark’. Blue is the color associated with water, and I believe GRRM has associated water with the ‘dark’ aspect of many things in ASOIAF (however not all things that are blue are ‘dark’, it must be water element associated blue).

White Walkers (GoT White Walker free image wallpaper art


Euron Greyjoy (Water)

  • Is from a family who believes in the Drowned God
  • Greyjoys, and the Ironborn, use the ‘What is Dead May Never Die but Rises Harder, Stronger’ ritual
  • pale skin, right eye ‘blue as a summer sky’ – The description of Euron in AFFC The Iron Captain is highly suggestive White Walker association
  • lips that look ‘bruised and blue’ – ‘bruised’ indicates a ‘darkness’ in the shade of blue as opposed to light blue as some artwork shows. The use of both the ‘blue as a summer sky’ eye along with ‘bruised’ lips on the same person = White Walker connection
  • Shades of blue combined with paleness when describing physical appearance are colors consistently used to describe White Walkers: their flesh is described as pale, eyes bright blue.
  • Euron is an ocean faring reaver who has spent a great deal of his life at sea, heavily connected to Water element
  • The blue lips can also be associated with the Warlocks from the House of the Undying in Qarth. Euron spent many years sailing farther around the world than most, it would be reasonable to suggest he drank Nightshade along the way, and that the Warlocks of Qarth are ‘dark’

Euron Greyjoy (Les Limbes de Yué: janvier 2015

The White Walkers, the Drowned God & Euron Greyjoy are all on the same team – I’ll bet a bag of golden dragons on that 🙂

I will take it a step further and say Water elements are most often indicative of the Dark Other, whereas Earth elements are indicative of the Lord of Light

….. details and quotes to support this theory are in this post addressing the Gods of Streams, Forests & Stones vs the Gods of Storms, Oceans and Seas: Ava Monroe's answer to In Game of Thrones, who built the Wall, and how?

Is it possible that the White Walkers are allied with Euron Greyjoy?


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