Sansa was upset when she saw Jon alive. Did she want Jon to die?

My answer to Sansa was upset when she saw Jon alive. Did she want Jon to die?

Answer by Ava Monroe:

Honestly I did not interpret or get any sense Sansa was in any way disappointed Jon Snow was alive. Not one bit … but there are two sides to that comment.

On One Side

  • Sansa looked shocked and disgusted by the battle she was watching. It was dam intense and horrific for me an avid show watcher and I knew it was just a show. In GoT, it was real and Sansa is a Highborn Lady who used to stitch, do everything properly, wear pretty dresses every waking moment, and her big life concern once upon a time was what would she do if she was only able to produce baby girls when she & Joffrey married? While those parts of her are long gone, they are still inside her. What life could have been. What life should have been. And here she is years later, most of her family murdered, fighting to take back her home, acknowledging she has no knowledge of wars or fighting strategy. Sansa had never seen a true war or battle in full tilt until that day.
  • Sansa was upset, furious, angry that Jon didn't listen to her input regarding when to attack Ramsey and her insistent advice to wait for more men as they simply didn't have enough. Sansa was right. And she almost watched the last member of her family, Jon Snow, be killed a hundred yards away because he wouldn't take her input seriously. She didn’t have any control. After being subjected to the horrors of Ramsey, Sansa will seek control of her life and surroundings for the rest of her days. Its a survival thing now.
  • I personally felt Sansa looked relieved when she realized Jon was alive ….. and that was thanks to Sansa, and to Littlefinger and the Nights of the Vale, who would not have been there if it were not for her.
  • Notice when Sansa sees Ramsey retreat, she looks worried and concerned to see Jon, Tormund and Wun-Wun going tearing off after him on foot, looking to face Ramsey one on one. Sansa was so concerned for his safety that she and the Knights of the Vale immediately followed them directly to Winterfell.

Jon swore to Sansa he would protect her. He meant it. There, at Winterfell, Jon takes on Ramsey without a shred of fear for his own safety, or his life or death. He swore he would protect her or die. Sansa watches this go down, watches Jon make a beeline for Ramsey, despite the shooting arrows and all, and proceeds to beat the guy into facial pulp, only stopping when he looks up and sees Sansa.

No words need to be said. Jon knows what he must do. He knows what Sansa would want without ever having discussed it. Their blood tie runs that deep.

That is why Jon left Ramsey alive, for Sansa to finish him if she wanted to. Jon gave her that choice. They are family. They love eachother. They are all each other has left at this point – so far aas they each know.

I do not believe Sansa will ever be disappointed Jon Snow is alive.

On The Flip Side

I do believe Littlefinger and his meddling and commentary might mess with her head and Sansa may start to get jealous or bitter about not being the Head of House Stark.

She may get her snobbery in gear again and decide since Jon is (allegedly) bastard born, and that he has no right to be King in the North, and she should be ruling Winterfell and the North.

Unfortunately, Sansa now needs to be in control to be safe. This may not bode so well for their bond, although I do hope I am wrong.

Sansa just might need a lesson from Lady Mormont.

Thanks for the A2A 🙂

Sansa was upset when she saw Jon alive. Did she want Jon to die?


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