Who fathered Ashara Dayne’s child?

My answer to Who fathered Ashara Dayne's child?

Answer by Ava Monroe:

Ashara was handmaiden to Elia Martell, the wife of Rhaegar, and therefore was around Rhaegar as much as Elia was. Ashara would likely have known of the prophecy and many of the details as well, since she lived so closely with Rhaegar and Elia.

Rhaegar needed 3 ‘heads of the dragon’ and needed 3 more children. Using his two existing children with Elia does not feel like a wise move for two potential reasons:

  • Since Targaryens have prophetic dreams, Rhaegar may have already foreseen the deaths of Elia and their 2 children – however if so then why did he not move them to safety?
  • Assuming Rhaegar had not foreseen such events, Westeros is a wild place, heirs and a few spares would likely be a much wiser plan of action and the route Rhaegar would likely go since not many live to see age 10 back then.

Ashara is therefore a perfect candidate to be considered as the mother of one of the three heads of the dragon in Rhaegar’s prophecy, especially if Elia was supportive of the prophecy and was looking at it all from a big picture point of view as Elia could not have any more children and she knew Rhaegar needed more.

Elia was said to be good natured, kind and understanding.

GRRM describes their relationship as ‘complex’. Having multiple baby mommas while staying married to your wife certainly qualifies as a ‘complex’ relationship.

Also Rhaegar and Ashara could have been married at a weirwood tree up near Harrenhal during the tourney, which is roughly the time she must have become pregnant (either before or shortly after). Her dancing partners at the tourney, I believe, are red herrings, and Ashara was already, or about to be, carrying Rhaegar’s child.

We also do not know Ashara killed herself

She could very well be alive somewhere in Westeros, as Ned could have helped her and her child if they travelled together from Starfall to Kings Landing to get a milk mother for Jon (and Ashara’s baby). Ashara could have been in disguise and kept a low profile and Ned would have helped her with that. Also, she could have left with Howland Reed and headed to the marshes, after the brief Kings Landing stop, which is a popular theory.

Or she could have given her child to Jon Connington, who was in love with Rhaegar, to raise and take her son out of Westeros. If so then the child we know as Young Griff will eventually prove to be Aegon VI Targaryen, via Rhaegar and Ashara.


Young Griff has eyes a slightly lighter purple eyes than Rhaegar and the silver blonde hair of Rhaegar

  • Rhaegar had deep purple eyes and silver blonde hair
  • Ashara had violet purple eyes and dark hair, yet Dayne males are said to have purple/violet eyes and blonde hair
  • Elia had black eyes and dark hair, Rhaegar & Elia’s daughter shared Elia’s dark eyes and hair and features (Dornish). This sets the precedent their 2nd child most likely would have had Dornish coloring as well and is a subtle indication this is the case (although we do not know since Rhaegar and Elia’s Aegon was never brought to court.

The fact that Dayne males can have Targaryen coloring can be taken as futher proof Ashara is the mother of Young Griff,


that Ashara is the mother of another child, a child of Rhaegar, female or male, with purple eyes and blonde or dark hair, and is living under assumed names in Westeros and being raised by Ashara …. at GreyWater Watch perhaps? Or some other unknown location.

The mystery continues ……

Who fathered Ashara Dayne's child?


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