Who’s older, Robb Stark or Jon Snow?

My answer to Who’s older, Robb Stark or Jon Snow?

Answer by Ava Monroe:

As far as we know, Robb is, however there is a huge amount of grey area here, and more than enough wiggle room for Jon to be older:

  • We dont know if Catelyn’s pregnancy was 35 weeks or 42 weeks, she could have given birth to Robb at any point in that range – which is the average range for a pregnancy. That right there provides a 7–8 week birthing window.
  • We dont have specific dates on either Robb or Jon’s births – we know Robb was born in the early part of 282 yet Jon is said to have been born just days after the new year. There is no mention of a very early in the year birth of Robb.
  • We know Rhaegar left his wife and children early in the year following the tourney, which means there was more than enough time for Lyanna and Rhaegar to meet up and coinceive Jon, before Ned married Catelyn and before Catelyn was pregnant.
  • We dont have specific dates on how long Ned was gone – was it 11 months? 13 months? A year roughly, but that leave a good amount of wiggle room as well. We know Robb was already born when Ned returned, but we dont know if he was 4 weeks old or 2 months old.
  • We know Ned and Catelyn didn’t have sex until after they were married and Ned left approximately 2 weeks after their wedding – which would mean Catelyn ddn’t get pregnant until a few days before, or the day before, Ned left.
  • We know Lyanna was gone long before Ned’s wedding.
  • We dont know how far along in the pregnancy Lyanna was when she gave birth, we dont know if it was a natural birth or cesarean.
  • We know Lyanna is older than Ned thanks to those couple lines in the books, which means if the North acknowledges succession to include birth order and feamles, a child of Lyanna’s would inherit before any children of Ned’s. In present day Britian this is how inheritance now plays out when vying for the Crown.
  • Ned’s cover story of being the father forces Jon’s birth to be accepted as occurring after Robb, and moves Jon immediately out of competition with Robb for any Stark of Winterfell claim, which keeps Jon potentially in a ‘safer’ position.
  • Catelyn ast one point in the books has thoughts concering Jon heading to the Wall and

There are also a couple remarks from Catelyn in the books which could suggest the possibility Robb was younger:

  1. Maseter Luwin informs Ned and Catelyn that Jon wishes to go to the Wall and become a Sworn Brother of the Nights Watch. Ned is shocked and upset. Catelyn, however, thinks to herself….
  • “…… the perfect solution. Benjen Stark was a Sworn Brother. Jon would be a son to him, the child he never had. And in time the boy (Jon) would take the oath as well. He would father no sons who might someday contest with Catelyn’s own children for Winterfell.” –A Game Of Thrones, Catelyn II

Why is Catelyn even contemplating any thoughts around Jons sons contesting Robbs first born claim IF she believes Robb is older. This subtly suggests Catelyn may be suspicious on sone level that Jon is older, regardless of the cover story, this thought should not be in Catelyns head if Jon is in fact younger.

2) Here we have Catelyn recalling Robb as a baby ‘small, red-faced and squalling, strong even then’ when she handed Robb to her sister Lysa for the first time:

  • She remembered the first time she gave her sister Robb to hold; small, red-faced, and squalling, but strong even then, full of life. – A Storm of Swords, Catelyn I

Lysa was likely with Catelyn at the time she gave birth, since births were life and death experiences on a larger scale than they are today (generally speaking). If Lysa was not there at the birth she was likely there very soon afterwards, and for Robb to be described as ‘red-faced’ and ‘strong even then’ does suggest he was a full term baby. Premature babies are generally not referred to as ‘strong’ since the longer a baby is inside, the stronger he/she grows. This quote indicates Robb was likely not born early which moves his birth date back towards the later end of the birthing window time frame.

Adding all this up, the possibility of Jon being older appears to be a lot more than just a possibility. Those of you who have been following my posts know where I am going with this one …….

If Jon is older, and if women are recognized in succession in terms of birth order …. this is why the show has crowned Jon Snow as a bastard King in the North, because they dont want to give the book secret away ……

Jon was not only born a Targaryen King, Jon was also born a Stark King – King duality !!!

Jon Snow, Lord Snow of Winterfell, King in the North

Jon Snow, King of Winter !


Thank you so very much Joanna Szulc for this A2A 🙂

Who’s older, Robb Stark or Jon Snow?


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